Are you a full-service caterer?
Yes! We cover most aspects of events. Specifically: food, beverages, ice, rentals and staff.
We have partner vendors that include space rental, floral, A/V, lighting, guest list management, and everything else under the sun.
To date, we’ve catered over 11,000 parties!

Do you have an event space?
No, we are an off-premise caterer but we have great relationships with a diverse range of rental spaces.
Please call us to find out more!

Is David Ziff a real person?
He is! He and his partner, Alan Bell, started David Ziff Cooking in 1978.
Their energy and passion continues to inspire and push the company forward.

DZC to go…

What’s the deal with DZC to go?
If your occasion doesn’t call for full-service catering, you can just order food from us.
You’ll find some of our most popular items in an easy, ready-to-serve format.
We just ask for 72 hours notice and a $400 order minimum (before tax and delivery).
Also, we deliver within Manhattan!

How much food should I order?
Ultimately it’s up to you, but we’ve cultivated a few helpful tips over the years:

  • For a two-hour cocktail party, we suggest a variety of 6 – 8 hors d’oeuvres. 
  • While popularity varies, we recommend 1x – 2x  per person of each hors d’oeuvre (except for caramelized bacon when you can never have enough!).
  • For buffet-style lunches or dinners, a good starting point is 3 hors d’oeuvres, 2 main courses, 1 starch, 1 salad, and 2 small desserts

I’m confused. Can you give me a specific example?
Tom & Jerry are having 20 friends over for an informal cocktail party. Most people are going to dinner afterward.
They order the following:

  • 60 Caramelized bacon
  • 24 Zucchini wrapped grilled shrimp
  • 24 Macadamia nut chicken
  • 24 Seared tuna in tortilla
  • 24 Small roast beef sandwiches
  • 30 California sushi rolls
  • 2x Crudités
  • 1 bag spicy nuts
  • TOTAL COST = $495 (before tax and delivery)

Do you deliver?
Only in Manhattan. It is a $30 flat fee. 
Otherwise, you can pick up from us (184 E 93rd St).