Valentine’s Day Box

Caramelized bacon

Heart-shaped tea sandwiches: Cucumber, curried chicken, smoked salmon

Heart-shaped vegetable sushi with pink soy wrapper

Heart-shaped house-made potato chips

Parmesan ciabatta crouton

Spicy candied nuts

Heart-shaped chocolate butterscotch brownies

Heart-shaped raspberry tarts

$150 + $25 Manhattan delivery + NYC sales tax

DZC Snack Pack

Guacamole with homemade tortilla chips

Texas barbecue (beef brisket) on brioche

Chicken fingers with blue cheese dip

Tomato and mozzarella focaccia pizzas

Caramelized bacon

Potato chips

Spicy candied nuts

Chocolate butterscotch brownies

Clementines dipped in chocolate

(Feeds 2 – 4 people)

$200 (includes Manhattan delivery) + NYC sales tax